Structural Integrity Data 

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Robust foundations are a vital ingredient to build lasting structures. 
We at Concrete Data Sensors are committed to developing systems that help your company successfully
 build and monitor the structural integrity of your projects.

After all - Your Success is Our Success 

  - The CDS team

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A small device with a Big Job

CDS Sensor

The Concrete Data Sensor is a small sensor that plays a big role in construction. Our smart sensor will transform and provide a new normal for how construction performance is controlled. Our CDS sensors don’t just provide compressive strength and relative humidity data in construction but continue to monitor the structure for theoretically up to 30 years, picking up issues before you see them so the fastest, safest, and most cost-efficient solution can be employed.

A new or existing structure can not afford to be without our CDS sensors installed or retro-fitted as it gives all stakeholders confidence that the structural integrity is still critically performing as required.

Data Anytime - Anywhere

Online Mobility allows all contractors and stakeholders to view real-time concrete results on their desktop or smart device, at  ANYTIME - ANYWHERE.





A:  After 3 years of research and development, we can design our CDS sensor to last for site specific purposes in versatile setups in either 1 year, 3 years, 7 years or 20year solutions, in low power mode. 

A: Our sensors can monitor structural integrity, showing you exactly the location and measurement of movement, rotation, and shortening in µm happening within your structure.

    Our sensors provide real-time compressive strength and the relative humidity of the concrete, movement data of concrete or soil elements and vibration levels. 
Q: What type of structures can your sensors be used in?

A: Our sensors can be cast into any concrete structure or soil for either short- or long-term continuous monitoring, they can also be retrofitted onto existing structures to monitor     the movement of elements e.g. ground slabs, footings, columns, walls, precast, dams, roads, bridges, footpaths, heritage buildings, beams, seismic conditions, ground     settlements, retention walls, etc. 

A:  Yes, our sensors can be installed and retrofitted onto existing structures to provide the client monitoring of any potential structural deficiency occurring. 

     We also provide continual ground movement monitoring of unstable, rocky slopes and soils as well as in hard-to-reach earthquake-prone locations our sensors can give you      the data you need.

A:  We can provide short- or long-term continuous monitoring for your asset and project. We have flexible pricing schedules to suit every project's size and budget.