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CDS Gateway    

The CDS Gateway is an in-house designed proprietary system that receives the precise data wirelessly from our state-of-the-art sensors and can display the information on the Gateway itself or pushes this information to our personalized customer portal that can be accessed via any smart device. Alerts can also be set up for each sensor so you get immediate notification of any breach of threshold or milestone.  

Movement, Humidity, and Concrete Sensor

Our patent-protected concrete sensor solves many problems in one product. Our sensor can be cast into any type of concrete element to provide compressive strength and relative humidity of the in-place concrete in real-time.

Traditionally off-site destructive testing of concrete samples is used, which can be slow, available only during business hours, can be inaccurate, and costly. The known concrete strength and relative humidity are tied to various work tasks and sequencing events being allowed to occur. Knowing in real time what the concrete data actually is, provides many advantages such as being able to use the actual capacity of the structure rather than theoretical and forecast capacity, speeding up construction cycles and activities quickly or at the optimum time for works to proceed so no defects occur, eliminates cumbersome conventional testing. This all equates to saving money and time for construction projects.

But the novel part of our product is that it not only provides construction data but also provides long-term structural monitoring of structures, or can be retrofitted to elements e.g., bridges, underground mine shafts, slope stabilisation monitoring of open cut mines, and dam walls. With our sensors monitoring the performance of these elements for up to 30 years, using the state-of-the-art technology with software and hardware that we completely designed in-house specifically for the construction industry to measure the ongoing quality and performance of the finished construction behaviour, our sensors can detect movement to the micro-millimetre that happens to the element. This allows alerts to be sent to the stakeholders immediately so any movements can then be investigated and the exact locations can be known with the accurate data available. 

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Vibration Sensor  

Our world leading CDS vibration sensors can be installed on your projects to provide you with accurate real-time vibration data from construction activities, it is 3rd party certified and locally made in Australia. Alerts can be set to notify stakeholders of any breach. Weekly or daily reports can be sent to all users. 


The CDS repeater is used when the signal to the gateway from the sensor starts to weaken. The repeater boosts the signal strength so that the data from the sensor can reach the gateway from hundreds of meters, and through concrete and steel the signal can penetrate almost any barrier.

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Noise Sensor

We can facilitate state-of-the-art noise sensors to be hired to your site as per your site specific requirements.

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